[bf1942] Are you using the 64-bit server much?

Jani Partanen jiipee at sotapeli.fi
Thu Aug 25 15:35:54 EDT 2005

Jeah that questing sounds good. I would really like to have both and 
start.sh script select what version to use. Reason why I like to do so is 
I make preconfigured packet, what I then install to all our servers.

On Thu, 25 Aug 2005, Andreas Andersson wrote:

> I removed that since I felt that it was a waste of space to install
> stuff that isn't used. But if people want to use both that wasn't such a
> good thing to do :)
> Maybe I should update the install-script to ask if the user wants to
> install both versions or not?
> That sound better to me, what do you think?
> The installer isn't that hard to hack and unpack manually. But that's
> not something a user should have to do :)
> /Andreas
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> Indeed adding in the latest version would be very helpful for
> people. In addition to this don't know about anyone else but
> we converted back to a start script similar to the original.
> That way it gives the ability to easily run either 32bit or
> 64bit. Might be something to consider.
>    Steve / K
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> From: "Jani Partanen" <jiipee at sotapeli.fi>
>>> If so, what kind of troubles are you experiencing? Does punkbuster
> still
>>> have issues on the 64-bit server maybe?
>> PB is not a issue, if you know that you have to manually make first
>> update. So I hope next patch will include latest PB files.
>> This will solve much problems what people had. Some people used
> pbweb.x86
>> what will make your PB not unusable. And some people just don't know
> that
>> default PB version does not have auto update feature working.
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