[bf1942] [BF2] rcon map cript ... with modmanager

Christian Schwarz blacksoul at fragthe.net
Thu Aug 18 05:23:52 EDT 2005

Steven Hartland schrieb:

> That would need to be converted to a module to run with
> modmanager.
>    Steve / K
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Christian Schwarz" 
> <blacksoul at fragthe.net>
>> a few days ago i start to use the modmanager... and since this i have 
>> a problem with the "rcon map script"
>> http://bf2.fun-o-matic.org/index.php/Scripts:RconMap
>> the problem is that the "rcon map" no longer has function.
>> Does anyone here know, what i have to do do make "rcon map" run 
>> again... and please, please make a step for step manual... thanks a lot
>> thanks,
>> Christian Schwarz aka BlackSoul
>> P.s.: sorry for my poor english... hopefully you understand what i am 
>> talking about...
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i know that it must be converted to a module to run in modmanager ... 
but how!

things i do...
1. copy map.py to modules directory
2. modifying the modmanager.con in bf2/mods/bf2/settings
# Modules
modmanager.loadModule "mm_tk_punish"
modmanager.loadModule "mm_kicker"
modmanager.loadModule "mm_announcer"
modmanager.loadModule "mm_bf2cc"
modmanager.loadModule "mm_autobalance"
modmanager.loadModule "map"
#modmanager.loadModule "mm_reserver"

3.restart the server... going ingame loggin in with rcon
btw. here is the next strange thing ... first i become a authentication 
succesfully ... and a moment a later authentication failed ... however 
... the rcon has function

4. typing "rcon map dalian 16" and the message appear "command 'map' is 
unkown" or similar

What i doing wrong?!

Christian aka Blacksoul

P.s.: i make the same with mm_map.py in modules dir and 
modmanager.loadModule"mm_map" in mopdmanager.con ... but the result is 
the same ... a errormessage appear "command 'map' unknown"

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