AW: [bf1942] Ranked Server Provider program details

Christoph Nothegger bf42 at
Mon Aug 15 09:35:13 EDT 2005

On 15.08.2005 bf1942 at wrote:

> yep it's true, we're still on our own here in germany. Of course that's in
> part because it makes sense to have only one partner in germany while it
> doesn't in the US. Because of the long coast-to-coast connections it would
> hardly be possible to have only one partner for the whole of the US. Get a
> smaller country and you can have it as well ;)

I do agree that only one partner in the US would not be able to cover
the whole country. However, the ratio is still way off, if you ask me.

> K-Play is a high-quality service-provider, meaning we don't just buy "any"
> traffic but some with good routings, good international peerings aso.

Who says that the US providers don't do that as well? We don't just
buy "any" peering either...

> Wish I could tell you we're sitting on heaves of cash here but we don't.
> If you take a look at the prices K-Play is asking for other games you'll
> find that we're not dictating prices in any way. It's as normal and low a
> K-Play price as they come.

Other games don't figure into this equation, sorry - this is about
BF2. And I wasn't trying to accuse you or MP of any price-pushing, but
it's a fact that since you are the only providers in your country,
noone dictates your prices but yourself. Of course you can't ask for
more than the market is willing to pay; but you also do not have
providers popping up suddenly who obviously sell their servers at a
loss just to get into the game (the lowest I saw in the US was $3.50
per slot... not sure what happened to those guys, but it's still
disturbing to see).

Again, I mean no offense, but I am getting kind of tired of having to
see more providers getting added in the US... it's a totally different
market than in the EU.


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