[bf1942] Choke Setting

Jon Wolberg jon at defenderhosting.com
Sun Aug 14 15:45:22 EDT 2005

That's why its nice to be your own network provider ;)

I've never needed to use the choke and wouldn't want to have to explain it 
to our customers as to why their server is choked either.

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> Most dedicated server and colocation providers impose a monthly  network 
> transfer limit and charge extra for usage over that limit.  Those running 
> many high player servers with VOIP can easily go over  the standard 
> limits. So the GSP sets choke to make sure they're not  paying a ton of 
> money to keep their server running.
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> On Aug 13, 2005, at 11:39 PM, Steven Hartland wrote:
>> That begs the question why would GSP's want to set choke on their
>> servers?
>>    Steve / K

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