[bf1942] Ranked Server Provider program details

|TF20|Shockwave shockwave at clan-tf20.com
Thu Aug 11 13:29:38 EDT 2005

> This is information which was posted a few weeks ago:
> "Well, it would at least require you to host 10 ranked servers for
> free, plus 1 free ranked server for every single one you get paid for.
> - Mortis, European Tactical Battlefield Forces"

I saw that post, actually.  :)  I apologize if I was too vague in my
original email, but I am honestly looking for more detail.  I am interested
in learning more about things such as:

- ongoing membership dues
- legal agreements that must be signed
- any additional miscellaneous fees
- pricing restrictions
- client access restrictions to servers
- quality of support including average response time
- etc.

I simply have a suspicion that there is a bit more to this whole scenario
than what you have cited.  Remember, I am interested in having a business
discussion with my friend and I don't think that what you have mentioned is
sufficient for that purpose.  I know that if it were me making the final
decision, I would want more information.  You aren't saying that this whole
program is really that simple are you?  After all, we are talking about EA.


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