[bf1942] Zombie players?

"Einar S. Idsø" esi at itk.ntnu.no
Thu Aug 4 04:51:51 EDT 2005

Well, yes. The game does indeed reattach you to your stats after a
disconnect if you reenter during the same round (which is also the
reason why we have no bans lasting less than the time until the round
runs out).

However, this doesn't explain why his player was still visible in BF2CC?
And at least it doesn't explain why, in my original post, the player was
visible on the server several hours (and rounds) after he had
disconnected. Even though the playerobject is kept on the server until
the end of the round, any disconnected player should not be visible in
the in-game playerlist.

Me smells me a(nother) bug.


Steven Hartland wrote:
> That's by design the game reattaches your player stats to you when
> you reconnect.
>    Steve / K
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "K-Play Support [KGN]"
> <support at k-play.de>
>> Something strange happend to me today.. I had to test some
>> configurations on our testserver. EA DE K-Play / Testserver
>> (still online)
>> I disconnected from the server but still I were able to see my player
>> name + my score (4) within the BF2CC rcon player window!!o_O
>> I changed video graphics within the option menu (which you cant since
>> you have to disconnect to perform changes). Switched the Hz amount and
>> reconnected over the ingame lobby back to the server....I still had
>> those 4 score points!!!!!! strange....
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