[bf1942] Zombie players?

Joe sechon at blackmud.com
Thu Aug 4 01:23:15 EDT 2005

I thought it was a feature..Can't recall ever NOT getting my points back..

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This happened a friend of mine too, he was kicked from a server without 
any message and reconnected again. He seemed to be recognized and got 
his points (13) "back".

Sorry, did not remember the server.

K-Play Support [KGN] schrieb:
> Hi everbody,
> this might could help yall:
> Something strange happend to me today.. I had to test some 
> configurations on our testserver. EA DE K-Play / Testserver 
> (still online)
> I disconnected from the server but still I were able to see my player 
> name + my score (4) within the BF2CC rcon player window!!o_O
> I changed video graphics within the option menu (which you cant since 
> you have to disconnect to perform changes). Switched the Hz amount and 
> reconnected over the ingame lobby back to the server....I still had 
> those 4 score points!!!!!! strange....
> cheers,
> Mike Lloyd

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