[bf1942] Mi-28 gun?

Brendan Cosman bcosman at bigpond.net.au
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I'm told by my clan's chopper pilots that the Mi-28 chaingun actually fires to the right of the crosshairs / where you see the explosions, and sometimes by a decent margin.  When I showed him that video, he said it could well be that they weren't firing enough to the left to compensate - even when firing at the guy on the left, he might have been actually "hitting" to the right of the guy on the right.

Dunno though, YMMV.

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  " So some people figured out that after you shoot a missle in the attack chopper the machine gun starts shootn blanks or something to that effect. "
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    I was flying as the gunner for the MI-28 - the front (chain?) gun seems totally ineffective.


    Has anyone else noticed this?  Maybe a bug?  (Possibly just a very bad gunner?)


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