[bf1942] dropping players during map changes

Renegade Tyrant tyrant at rngd.net
Mon Aug 1 18:39:59 EDT 2005

I am not sure it is a 'crash' because usually it keeps a good number of
players in it. But it is damn annoying and I am glad its not just me.

Perhaps the memory leak still exists, I am going to start rebooting my box
every other day at least

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Seeing the same here but might not be at map change. The server
seems to spike sometimes drop most or all players and possibly
restart but with an zero exit code so it doesn't look like a typical
crash. I've been trying to track it down but its very hard to catch.

    Steve / K
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From: "Renegade Tyrant" <tyrant at rngd.net>

>I am running a ranked 1.02 BF2 32 player server under windows, and I am
> noticing that I am getting (seemingly) random player drops during some map
> changes. Often the server seems to drop half the players at once. There
> seems no pattern to who gets dropped (not ping, score, location, team). 
> I am running this on a 2.8 P4 with no other bf2 or other games or even
> servers running on the box
> The worst is when late at night it drops so many players that it goes
> 10 and its so late that it never builds up again. 
> You can see the drops here:
> http://www.game-monitor.com/GameServer/
> (look at the grey line)

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