[bf1942] DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE "Patch/Update" from BBO! (VIRUS/TROJAN)

Christian Satanic.Surfer.666 at web.de
Thu Apr 28 18:52:46 EDT 2005


I wrote a mail to Kevin 10 min. ago, he looks into this now...


JS> If you got mail from BBO that there is a new Patch/Update,
JS> DO NOT download it!
JS> I guess it's a virus/trojan, if you run it the file will change name
JS> to MS-conf.exe and move itself to the windows\system32 folder,
JS> then it will try to connect to the internet! (don't know where)

JS> I guess the BBO forum got hacked, it is using an old version of phpBB,
JS> that's verry easy to "hack" into and get admin rights...

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