[bf1942] BF1 Question : Using FireDaemon Pro to run bf1942?

Brigham Stevens brs at vikingmind.com
Tue Apr 12 15:24:20 EDT 2005

Doesn't someone on this list create a wrapper script for bf1942 windows
dedicated server that actually worked (something besides BFSRM, or the
silly dialog/launcher app that comes with the game)? I think the issue
is that the main process quits and spawns some additional processes
instead of just using threads, or staying around, so the typical restart
script that launches the game and waits for it to die before restarting
won't work.

Brigham Stevens wrote:

>A note from someone still running bf1942/DC servers :)
>I recently starting using FireDeamon to run my HL2 : source based
>servers.... Pretty damn nifty.
>Has anyone succeeded in using it to run BF1942? The bf server likes to
>quit itself and spawn more processes and I think FireDaemon has issues
>dealing with that, and in fact it will spawn a zillion of them... OUCH!

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