[bf1942] BF2 server discussion

Cream[DONut] lists at donut.dk
Thu Sep 30 06:17:45 EDT 2004

Andreas Fredriksson wrote:
> Hey guys,
> 1) Ship with a dynamically linked version and require libstdc++ >= some
> recent version.
> Pros: Simple turnaround for releases (this is what I'm developing on)
> Cons: Reduces backwards compatibility

if it works on redhats fedora core 3, im happy.

> 2) Ship with dynamically linked version and provide libraries so that
> you can set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the "compat" directory provided with BF2.
> Pros: Similar to #1.
> Cons: License considerations for shipping gcc shared objects.

surely such considerations can be resolved?

pros. allows DICE to quickly issue security patches related to the 
libaries, ensuring that servers arent vounrable because of missing 
system updates.

pros. performance tweaking options for DICE?


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