[bf1942] Battlefront on Linux?

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Thu Sep 23 12:44:56 EDT 2004

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-> I'd be interested but we need to get some official contacts 
-> on it so we can actually make progress. The server is a joke atm.

I have 3 contacts at Pandemic:  Josh Resnick is the president, and he and I
have exchanged some email, however he is a bit hands-off on the specifics, and
told me he asked his project leads to respond to me asap.   So far, haven't
heard anything, and I've replied to him with another request.

I also have the names of 2 guys there on the Dev team.  Sorry but I don't have
them at this location, but I will post them to the list as soon as possible
when I get home.   One guy is the Project Director, and the other is a coding
team lead if I recall correctly.   I haven't made contact with either of them

I have phoned LucasArts, as emailed every concievable address for them I can
find.   All emails are ignored, and the operator who answered the phone after
15 minutes of automated crap said she couldn't direct me to someone unless I
had a name, and she could not give out names of persons in the job capacities
I was seeking.   Pretty protective there - we won't make any headway.

I know from reading a German interview with one of the Pandemic guys, they
said they will have enough dedicated server options for just about everyone,
as well as integrated PB support, and no SDK - at least to start.   They said
they were tinkering with Linux, however he wasn't clear whether this was with
the client or server, but said they weren't going to do anything half-assed.

I think a separate list would be best for this - it's a different game,
different developer, different contacts.  Let's not clobber the BF42/V
community with it.  

Michigan burbs

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