[bf1942] [OT] DC F16 problem.

Shockwave shockwave at clan-tf20.com
Wed Sep 1 18:00:03 EDT 2004

On Tue, 2004-08-31 at 13:51, James Gurney wrote:
> This can probably be fixed by server-side modding the map. We did this 
> to solve the exploding A-10 on Oil fields.

I did some further research on this problem and found something
interesting.  The problem manifests itself not only when the plane
spawns, but also whenever it lands and comes to rest on any part of the
map.  I spent some time with my pilots yesterday and they took some time
to demonstrate this on several maps.  No matter where the plane lands,
the strut sinks into the ground when the plane comes to a halt.  I'm
wondering whether a map fix specifically tailored to the plane's spawn
location will suffice.  It will help, but I think that the real cause of
the problem seems to be related to how the suspension for the right rear
wheel is handled.  Perhaps there is a way to "borrow" the code used for
the left rear wheel and modify it for use with the one that isn't
working.  Below are some images that illustrate what I am trying to say:


As far as tracking down the root cause, I have been successful in
creating a situation on my Fedora Core 2 system where all of the
libraries the game uses are the ones in use with FC1.  Even when this is
the case, the problem remains.  Tomorrow I will be installing the most
recent FC1 kernel on the system to see what effect that has.  One of the
people helping me works at the Los Alamos National Labs and he mentioned
that this problem might have an impact on more than just the gaming
community.  Here's what he said:

> I am heading towards that in my case. My view will be that the server 
> code is written expecting something that 2.4.xx gives FPU wise and 
> 2.6.xx gives differently. The code is closed sourced? If it isn't it 
> would be interesting to find out where it is goofy now.. because it 
> might affect other people doing scientific code who assume that their 
> code works on 2.4 it will work same on 2.6

I'm not sure if EA cares about helping the Linux community track this
down, but I think the point is valid.  Anyway, I'll post my results
tomorrow after I install the kernel files.


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