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Steven Hartland killing at multiplay.co.uk
Sun Oct 24 17:09:40 EDT 2004

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> The servers are running fine... But not utilize the CPU is quite a waste..
> I have aprox 25% free CPU time when the servers are packed. allthough I
> have noticed that when the cpuusage gets higher wo hitting the roof 5.2.1
> is running not as good as 4.10. I will still test 5.3 to see if I gain
> anything from it... The gameservers are not getting near the load the
> other system is getting.

Cant say we've seen that as we set our max CPU load to 70% to
give head room for things like map changes.

> As I said it could be BBO. I am interested in other systems that are able
> todo what BBO are using... And dont tell me that official junk, I will not
> install it until they have moved from .NET... phpUA is working on a
> webbased system, but it will not arrive for a couple of months...
> Otherwise I let some of our bfv clan members to fiddle with the syntax of
> bfv and then write one ourself.

I dont think its so much BBO as the way it functions i.e. a constant
admin connection to the server that causes the issue.

> But can you tell me why I get better results in cs with HZ=1000 and
> sys_ticrate 1000 than with HZ=200? There is not much difference in load.
> Other games are not affected by these settings in the same way that within
> bfv.

By better results I assume u mean smoother play. This will always be
the case as it uses a lot more CPU. HL is one of those engines and player
set combination who are not happy unless its getting stupid server "fps"
its more a mind set than anything else above the sensible values.
Not quite sure how u found "not much difference in load" as when we
tested there was a huge difference.

    Steve / K

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