[bf1942] Getting output from punkbuster commands via rcon

Andy Berdan andy.berdan at dicecanada.com
Wed Oct 20 09:58:25 EDT 2004

> Hi guys Im sure someone on this list can answer this.
> I'm trying to get the output from PB_SV_PList via
> rcon where as all the other commands this works
> fine it seems that BF never returns any output for
> punkbuster commands making them useless.
> What have a I missed?

As mentioned in the last release notes:

   - admin.enableConsoleInfoServer is now fixed, so that PunkBuster and
        chat messages will be sent out to an active remote console,
        allowing third-party tools access to this information.

Have your tool issue this command, and PB output (as well as chat) should go to the console.


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