petition for CTF

Brigham Stevens brs at
Wed Oct 13 17:10:49 EDT 2004

Hi Andrea/DICE/ and anyone from EA who reads this list.

I am a huge fan of your work, and I hope that includes continued support 
for CTF in the battlefield series so we can keep hosting fun and 
competitive servers and building great battling communities.

Someone who hangs on my server started this petition to let EA know how 
much we want CTF in BF2. I don't know if there actually has been a 
decision made by DICE on this or not because I didn't see a reply to my 
previous messages about it, but we all took it hard when we discovered 
that CTF was not in BFV. I know that most of the regulars on my server 
didn't buy it when it came out because of that.

Anyways, I thought you server admins might like to support the petition 
and post it on your forums to get more signatures.

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