[bf1942] Plea for CTF support in BF2 + 2 other things...

David Snodgrass dave at setupahost.net
Fri Oct 1 13:46:51 EDT 2004

I'd also love to see some work done on the autobalance criteria - ie. 
new players are switched first, or something. right now, it just 
switches whoever dies first, but it hardly seems fair, and is more 
annoying than anything else.


Brigham Stevens wrote:

> Hi Andreas,
> Please make sure there is support for CTF games in BF2! Please 
> please... We love it so. There is nothing better than having to escape 
> across hostile lands with the enemy flag. It is intense and the most 
> exciting game play ever.
> It seems like it has taken a side line to conquest mode play. Please 
> don't abandon this staple of online playing!
> Could you please let us know what you plan for CTF and BF2? I noticed 
> that it wasn't really supported for BFV, and so we didn't really get 
> into that game much.
> Also, long ago I wrote to you about a couple features that you thought 
> were a good idea:
> admin.killPlayer  -
> (this was documented in bf1942 , but didn't work) admins could use as 
> punishment short of kicking.
> admin.setPlayerTeam -
> For admins to balance teams. Being able to change a player's team will 
> be awesome, because it will make automated tournament management 
> systems possible.
> admin.setPlayerName -
> Being able to change other players names will also help automated 
> tournament systems.
> I hope you will consider these features for BF2.
> Thank you.
> --brigham
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