[bf1942] Re: BF1942DC v1.6 RC2 dc:0.8

Steven Hartland killing at multiplay.co.uk
Tue Nov 30 03:32:19 EST 2004

Try removing BBO. That was the cause of 90% of our crashes last time
we tried it.

    Steve / K
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From: "GDN_BF1942_Admin" <bf1942 at warden.gdn.net>

> We are still crashing every few days.  Does anyone have any thoughts here 
> on this particular setup?
> Thanks,
> Russ
> On Mon, 15 Nov 2004, GDN_BF1942_Admin wrote:
>> We are running the latest BF1942 v1.6 RC2 and DC_Final_Server.run (DC 
>> v0.8) on linux kernel 2.6.8.  It is also running under BBO 4h r2.
>> About every day we get a server crash.  We did see a problem where the 
>> first 4h caused the server to shutdown when it should not have.  This 
>> cleaned up the server from crashing like 5-6 times a day.
>> Turning on debugging and waiting until it dies, here is what we get:
>> 2004-11-15 21:30:28 : DEBUG: Couldn't determine index of player 
>> [1MD]KH|CW3.Juker!
>> 2004-11-15 21:31:40 : # [Allies] lame0: let me fly bro  
>> 2004-11-15 21:32:52 : # [Global] spew: gay gun  
>> 2004-11-15 21:32:52 : # [Global] botched: lmao  
>> 2004-11-15 21:33:01 : # [Global] lame0: it dont bounce well  
>> 2004-11-15 21:33:09 : DEBUG: Caught SIGCHLD! 
>> Does anyone have any ideas here or do you need me to throw it under GDB to 
>> collect more data?  I figure before I do that someone may know what could 
>> be causing it.

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