[bf1942] BF2 - reporting of cdkey hashes

Ba'alzaman baalzaman at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 03:24:18 EST 2004

Excellent thanks (the web developer (who wrote the player tracking 
system for a site I help maintain) that asked me this question is 
currently turning himself inside out with joy for some strange reason). 
Someone should nudge the powers that be that BF-Vietnam could use this 
feature as well, with the next patch whenever that is due.


Andreas Fredriksson wrote:

>I can't see why this would be a bad idea. It has worked out fine for
>What we might do is to seed the keys differently, but unless GameSpy has
>any objections we could include this feature.
>// Andreas
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>Subject: [bf1942] BF2 - reporting of cdkey hashes
>Question to Andreas/DICE:
>Hi, just a question that has been asked of me, with BF2, will it support
>returning of a players cdkey hash when the server is queried via the
>gamespy or ASE protocol? This makes it simple to track players (as is
>currently done with BF1942), and would be great if BF2 supported this.
>Are you able to comment on this? And if it does support it are you able
>to comment on the format of the returned data?

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