[bf1942] BF2 Server?

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Indeed, nowadays is pretty easy and not very expensive to run game servers
on linux. Leaving it to only windows reduce the possibilities for it. There
are lots of mods on the way, and if you can't have a linux ded. server,
there will be much less oportunities to run a server for them.

I'm sure all the people from the list could sign a petition for this and
watching at the numbers, Sean will realize that a linux server is pretty
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Andreas Fredriksson wrote:
> Sean Decker (BF2's producer) explicitly said it was OK to share this
> information with you, so I am. He is the one calling the shots on
> large-scale planning in the project.
> I'm sad to say that my managers have assigned me to other areas over
> the course of this project and I will most likely not get the time I
> would need to bring you a high quality Linux server at ship time.
> I really wanted to make this product launch with excellent Linux
> support from the start, but it's not my call.
> // Andreas
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> Hey - I'm a tad confused. Andreas has been keeping us posted/asking
> questions about linux binaries, but now i read in an interview today
> that linux binaries wont be ready at launch time. Anyone know if this
> is the real official word? If so, how long will we be waiting?
> ./d
Thanks for sharing this info at this time, instead of us finding out at
launch.   But I think Sean needs to know how important it is to have the
Linux/BSD servers available at launch time.   Some recent game publishes
have been signifigantly hurt by a lack of a *nix-based dedicated server,
and without support from the entire GSP community, BF2 will get less
than half the possible exposure from them.
I understand you are unable to change the production direction, but I'm
sure the rest of us on the list would like to urge some reconsideration
by Sean, as that decision will certainly affect whether we offer the
game to customers or not.
Michigan Burbs
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