AW: [bf1942] 50 player BFV Servers

jon at jon at
Fri May 28 20:11:02 EDT 2004

> On 5/28/2004 4:55 PM, AIX Gaming wrote:
>> Yeah, I'd love to know how you did that, but more importantly how to
>> make
>> custom items that aren't in the templates...I can't find info on it
>> anywhere.
> If you just want to graph stuff, I use cacti:
> It's pretty easy to add extra graphs into this, and I'd be happy to
> share scripts with anyone who wants them..
> James

Not a problem re: Zabbix.

It's really a great tool and we use it for all sorts of things.  Right now
just to monitor resource usage as well as uptime and alert notification. 
We also have plans to integrate it into an automated install process for
game-servers by having it scan machines for their resource usage and pick
the best candidate for a new server.

Cacti is also very cool :)  We use it to monitor and bill hundreds of
dedicated/colocation customers monthly.


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