[bf1942] PunkBuster Woes

David Harrison trogspam at games.telstra.com
Tue May 25 01:24:29 EDT 2004

The webtool works fine, but I was hoping to be able to get it working via
the regular remoteadmin stuff.

Short of pulling apart the http requests made by the PB Web tool I'm
guessing its basically just not possible?

-- david

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Subject: Re: [bf1942] PunkBuster Woes

> How about the Punkbuster webtool?
> http://www.punkbuster.com/publications/bf1942-ad/index.htm#webtool
> On Tue, 25 May 2004 15:01:47 +1000, David Harrison
> <trogspam at games.telstra.com> wrote:
>> I appreciate that this probably isn't the best place to bring this
>> up, but I
>> thought I'd ask in case anyone has any experience with this problem
>> and knows a work around (aside from Black Bag Ops :) - issuing
>> remote admin PunkBuster commands simply doesn't work.
>> Does anyone know any ways to get around this? I'm either completely
>> stupid
>> and there's some sort of admin.enablePBRemoteAdmin flag that I can't
>> find,
>> or this is some horrible disgusting lack-of-integration bug.
>> -- david
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