[bf1942] [BFV] Lag with > 32 Players

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I'll let this be my last gripe message for the day, but I was just
watching some shows that were covering this year's E3.  They said that the
game industry outranks the US movie industry every year in terms of
billions of dollars of income.  They said the typical cost of a movie
these days is 90-100 million dollars.  Typical cost of a video game, 4-5
million.  These game companies aren't bringing on more programmers and
testers to make their game good out of the box out of pure greed for
higher profit margins.  And we're the ones who are supporting this method.

> That's funny, they didn't have any patience billing my credit card for the
> game, but they expect me to have patience when it comes to having the
> features that were supposed to be in the original package.
>> That's a bit of dramatisation imo. These things take time, have a little
>> patience.
>>     Steve / K
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>>> Wich is WAY to late, we needed the patch for 2 months ago
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