[bf1942] [BFV] Lag with > 32 Players

AIX Gaming webmaster at aixgaming.com
Thu May 20 01:03:33 EDT 2004

Well, it's an interesting thought, that since they say that you can play
with up to 64 players, when you clearly cannot, that would be misleading
advertising. :)  But I'll settle for the patch.  Latest I've heard is this
Friday, but it's an substantiated statement from someone who might be in
the know.  As their site says, soon.

>> Some of the big name video games being released nowadays have bugs in
>> them so bad that consumers should start pursuing fraud charges
>> against these companies for putting out faulty products, not
>> supporting them, and most importantly for lying in the pre-release
>> documentation.
> Heh, some
> -- trog

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