[bf1942] [BFV] Lag with > 32 Players

Brad Caricofe caricofe at comcast.net
Thu May 20 01:52:41 EDT 2004

Thanks very much for the fast reply.  Has anyone from Dice mentioned a
tentative patch date?  I know that's a dumb question to ask and the answer
is always "when it's done", however, those of us who paid for the game
cannot play it in its current state.

Some of the big name video games being released nowadays have bugs in them
so bad that consumers should start pursuing fraud charges against these
companies for putting out faulty products, not supporting them, and most
importantly for lying in the pre-release documentation.

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> Yep they have, and they mention it on the 1.01 release 
> information page.
> "Of particular note in this list are tweaks to server 
> functionality that should provide a much improved 
> play-experience on servers that are hosting high-player-count 
> games (please note the server hardware requirements posted in 
> the Community Update from April 9, fixes to the internal 
> server browser functionality, and rebalancing of the M60, the 
> RPD and the US Heavy Assault kits."
> SERVER FIXES  --  General optimizations to reduce server lag
> CLIENT FIXES -- Network overhead of vehicle engines and 
> airlifting significantly reduced
> > Can anyone tell me if Dice has conceded that there is an issue with 
> > the BFV Linux server (possibly the Windows version too?) 
> where servers 
> > with 32 or more players on them suffer an enormous FPS 
> drop?  I can't 
> > run a 32 person or greater BFV server without experiencing lag that 
> > makes the game completely unplayable.  My latest test machine was a 
> > 3.06 Ghz Pentium 4 w/ HT and 2 GB RAM.  I have a single 32 
> player BFV 
> > server running on it, that's
> > it.  Sux.
> >
> > - Brad
> >
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