[bf1942] Crazy CPU use with SMP kernels

Stefan Engbersen stonex at freebsd.nl
Thu May 6 07:34:55 EDT 2004

Our server is running at "2.6.1-1.149smp #1 SMP Tue Jan 27 15:44:27 EST 
2004 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux"
Which was a fedora rpm, so probably had most of it turned on.. We had 
strange lags and connection problems when
we used 2.4 on the very same box, when we updated to 2.6 this was 
vanished, also the load is 0% when empty.

We are also running a BF:V server on a different box, still running a 
2.4 kernel (smp) and experiencing the same thing, when
the player amount goes above 10 players, it lags as hell. The connection 
is good (100mbit fullduplex on a 1+gbit backbone).

Both system are dual Xeon 2.6Ghz with 2 or 3 GB's of RAM, also HT btw :)

We are updating the BF:V server tomorrow to 2.6.5 and see what happens then.

Stefan Engbersen
freebsd.nl / nlfug.nl

Steven Hartland wrote:

> Does anyone have a linux kernel that 2.4 or 2.6 that isnt seeing this?
> If so can they mail me the .config file so I can try it here and henc
> look for the key setting if any :)
>     Steve / K
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