[bf1942] BF:V - Data Differs From Server

Andreas Fredriksson andreas.fredriksson at dice.se
Fri Mar 26 02:55:56 EST 2004

If you check out mods/[modname]/LevelCheck.con you will see how it
works. For each level there's a series of ten MD5 fingerprints that
tell the server what to expect from a client connecting to any of
those levels.

What you want to do for a custom level is to calculate the MD5
fingerprints for it (similar to how it was done for '1942) and it
will be appended to the LevelCheck.con file on the client. You now
need to copy this to your server and you're done.

The good part about this is that it will work with all mods without
any special work on their part without calculating the levelcheck
fingerprints. This is why the decision was taken to make the system
always enforce those fingerprints.

Please note that the LevelCheck.con file is only used by dedicated
servers. So if you're playing a LAN game without a dedicated server
all custom maps are fine (since clients and server have the same data).

// Andreas

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> How's this cope with stripped files on the server e.g.
> The unofficial map I know I stripped as there was
> no server version released?
>     Steve / K
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> > I can't speak for what PB is doing but I know for a fact 
> that EA has 
> > tested the content checking a great deal. Essentially it will flag 
> > your data as bad if you touch the contents of a single RFA 
> file in any 
> > way.
> > 
> > This includes broken installs too! What it does (in 
> internet mode) is 
> > to add a temporary ban of the player to disencourage the 
> continued use 
> > of said data.
> > 
> > // Andreas
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