[bf1942] quick question - BFV, CD key baning and deathcam

Johan Stålnacke johan.sp at home.se
Wed Mar 24 04:34:55 EST 2004

If you put on Freecam, then deathcam will be off..
At least all servers i has played on without deathcam, had freecam on.
(Yea i know, freecam isn't good either, but it's better then deathcam
pointing on your killer)

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> I do not have access to my normal email client at the moment so cannot
check my archived emails. I understand that BFV was shipped with a 1.50
based engine which does not contain certain things that we admins greatly
appreciate: cd-key hash banning (GRRR how could you ship without this?!) and
the ability to stop deathcam from pointing out your killer.
> Is an update in the works to correct this oversight?

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