[bf1942] bfv linux servers not showing on ASE?

d p chang weasel at meer.net
Mon Mar 22 22:34:50 EST 2004

d p chang <weasel at meer.net> writes:

> "Steven Hartland" <killing at multiplay.co.uk> writes:
> > On a side note got this from the qstat mailing list:
> > <quote>
> > using the -eye protocal also seems to be broken.
> > Players are showing and Null with a Null Score and Null Ping time.
> > Would be great to make progress on this ASAP, BF:V is a hot game atm.
> > </quote>

actually, there's a way of testing to see if the server is doing the
wrong thing or not in this case (if i understand what ase is doing). do
both a gamespy and ase query on a server w/ some players connected (it
doesn't matter that the gamespy player list will be truncated :-)

the gamespy list will have ping's listed (i don't know that they'll be
right but the #'s should vary for the players) while teh ase list will
be null (or whatever). 

the problem (from inspection and not running it since i don't own any
x86 machines and can't run ase or any clients :-) is that the score and
ping keys are 'standard' and shouldn't be look-ed up via their direct
names (this is for any dice people actually reading my ramblings :-)

I guess I'll vote for whoever can show a non-flat EEG at the end of the
day. --- Erik Naggum (c.l.l)

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