XML logging format -> stats generator

Patryck Winkelmolen Patryck.Winkelmolen at wesmoll.com
Mon Mar 22 05:49:56 EST 2004

I've got a question about the logformat, is it about to change?

We're trying to get select(bf) to work with the BF:V xml logs, now a couple
of things need to be tweaked to get it working. If the logformat will be
changed in the next release, i'd rather wait with tweaking things. Here's
some more info:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
<bf:log version="1.1" xmlns:bfv="http://www.dice.se/xmlns/bfv/1.0">
<bf:round timestamp="57.7601">

Over here the parser b0rks on the namespace xmlns:bfv declaration, because
the rest of the log uses "bf".
This isn't much of a problem, i could write a script that changes 'bfv' in
the second rule to 'bf'. The parser then works. (but i can imagine at some
time the logs will start to use 'bfv', any comment on this?)

Because select(bf) is a bf1942 tool, it misses "deathcamtype" from the
server-config and "objectives" and "objectivetks" from the playerstats. Will
this stay this way?

I'm just curious, it's possible to get select(bf) to work with the current
logformat, but it'be a pitty if the logformat is about to change on a short
term, hence my mail. Are there any other statspages out there?

Select(bf) can be found at http://www.selectbf.org
Our page having parsed one logfile can be found at http://w4.xs4all.nl/bfv
bfserverstats runs at http://w4.xs4all.nl/lanworld and can be found at:

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