Crash problem solved. Kind of.

AIX Gaming webmaster at
Sun Mar 21 14:45:17 EST 2004

Well, I definitively figured out what was crashing my bfv linux server. 
By crash I mean the software, not the OS itself.  When I had another
windows box monitoring it and sending the announcements via BFV CC, it
crashed the server.  When I stopped using that, the server's been up with
40 players solid for about a day now with no more problems.  So, the BFV
CC will crash the linux server... kind of cooky.  Unfortunately the lag
still kicks in when it goes above 29 players, but stays consistent even up
to 40 players.  I have 10+ players with pings of 12-15 according to the
player table, so the network isn't an issue.

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