[bf1942] NoseCam/External Views Bug

Andrei Rjeousski andrv at myrealbox.com
Sun Mar 21 10:58:08 EST 2004

Well, it would be really useful if you could turn them on separate...

Flying planes with the cockpit on is VERY hard, since they usually block
most of the view. Also by turning off external camera, it gives more
advantage to people on foot as opposed to people in the vehicles.

So what I though would be logical is being able to turn OFF all the external
views but at the same time being able to turn on nosecam for planes...

Could we please get a dev's word on the way its supposed to work?


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I don't think that this is a kind of bug.
The nosecam is some kind of external view and as you mentioned it, you
disabled it.
So the nosecam is disabled too even though it was turned on...


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> Sent: Samstag, 20. März 2004 20:11
> To: bf1942 at icculus.org
> Subject: [bf1942] NoseCam/External Views Bug
> Hi,
> I think there is a problem with nosecam.
> Whenever I turn off External Views, and turn on NoseCam, I seems to 
> unable to use nosecam on any of the air vehicles.
> I am using the latest linux biuld.
> Thanks,
> Andrei

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