[bf1942] BFVietnam - First Impressions

Rick Thompson fortweb at fortweb.com
Sun Mar 21 10:49:18 EST 2004

>RT> In 10 mins I had the server installed and running under BBO, no 
>RT> Thanks should go out to all the early installers for that :) I killed a
>RT> 1942 pub to run it and did not open any additional ports. Are there any
>RT> ports that have to be specifically opened for BFV not already open on a
>RT> 1942 server?
>BF:V uses mostly BF 1942 ports + 1000. That means if you ran BF 1942
>gameport 14567 it would be 15567 for BF:V. 23000 = 24000.. and so on.
>I don't know all ports but you can find them over at lightcubed.com

I'll do that, thank you.

>RT> I have to say that I am most disappointed with the terrain, foliage and
>RT> maps in general. They need to go play some EOD to see what the atmosphere
>RT> should be like. A round of stream or closefire makes you feel like your
>RT> feet are getting jungle rot and I don't get that with BFV, not at all.
>RT> Actually, the terrain seems more like eastern Europe than Vietnam.  I 
>RT> not seen all the maps yet, maybe I have just not found the good jungle 
>RT> river maps yet... that is my only hope. Seriously though, EOD has the 
>RT> and foilage down pat for all areas of operation, it is almost worth 
>RT> up the new features for.
>RT> I don't hate the game, I like it and it will probably take some time to
>RT> grow on me. None the less, I think it met only about 50% of my 
>RT> and I am looking forward to improvements.
>I have really the same opinion about the game as you :) The look of
>the trees is real vietnam style, so said the Marini at the release
>party here in Germany. We know Vietnam from Hollywood and imagine this
>atmosphere, but Vietnam would look relly like in BF:V he said.

I realize it is not all jungle but EOD has some decent highland and 
semi-urban maps too, the terrain in hill937 looks pretty close to the 
foliage we see in BFV. I have never been there and your probably right that 
the hollywood version of Vietnam plays a big part in what a persons mental 
picture is.

It's not just that though... its the sounds and "feel" of the maps too. If 
you have not walked through a patch of elephant grass or gone down a jungle 
stream in EOD you can't grasp what I am talking about... it's hard to explain.

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