Server keeps crashing above 30 players

AIX Gaming webmaster at
Sat Mar 20 00:29:19 EST 2004

Hey all, sorry if this is a repeat question as I haven't paid close
attention lately since I didn't have a BFV server up yet.  I just got a
2.8ghz with 1 gig ram redhat linux box on a fat pipe.  We're running 32
players/desert combat/linux on a duplicate box with no hassles.. Now that
I'm running the latest BFV server though, if it ever goes at or above 30
players for more than a few minutes, the server crashes, giving me a
"Broken pipe" and then the prompt.  CPU and memory usage doesn't seem to
be an issue as they're not above 30% usage when it hits 30... Any ideas? 
When I set it to 28 players it's fine.  Thanks.

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