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Lee Latham leeprivate at cgmlarson.com
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thanks for the info, and the links to the forums.  I actually had a heck of 
a hard time looking for the forums!  Ever since google added that last 
billion pages to their database, it seems like its harder to find anything.

At 03:10 PM 3/19/2004 -0700, you wrote:
>My experience is that the screen shot feature basically doesn't
>work--being charitable, I guess you could say that it works a little
>bit, maybe 5-10% of the time if you're exceptionally lucky, but
>regardless, it doesn't work enough to be useful--because of it's
>near-perfect failure rate, you can't, for example, ask for a screen shot
>of a suspicious player and have any expectation that you will actually
>receive it.
>There's been lots of discussion on the PB-related forums about this
>(check out punksbusted.com and pbbans.com)--it's a problem that seems to
>effect everyone.  If you look at the relevant log file on your system,
>you'll probably see that the pb_sv_getss command (and it's automatic,
>timed counterpart) doesn't fail outright--it just times out most of the
>time, presumably because the heavy CPU load and bandwidth requirements
>of BF1942/BFV cause the screen shots to take longer to process and send
>than PB is prepared to wait.
>I've seen in those forums that this will be tuned/fixed by Even Balance
>over time. . . but don't recall if that was someone official from EB who
>said that.
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>Okay I know this isn't appropriate for this list but it is related, and
>I've been trying to get onto the PB mailing list for several days
>success (the form on their website gives an error whenever I tried
>you know another way of subscribing I'd be grateful if you could send it
>It seems like the automated screenshots fail over half the time.  It
>like this has a strong tendency to happen with players with outrageous
>kill/death ratios.  Anybody else have this experience?  Anybody have
>strategies for getting useful screenshots?
>Also, is there a way to tell PB to keep trying if it fails, and kick a
>player after a certain number of tries?
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