[bf1942] Killer Camera?

Forrest Thiessen thiessen at alum.mit.edu
Thu Mar 18 16:18:39 EST 2004

My experience is that you can only make changes to the
serversettings.con file while the server is NOT running (well, I guess
you can make them any time you want, but they don't "stick" unless the
server isn't running).  It's always been that way, as far as I remember.

BFSM can change certain parameters "in flight" because it controls those
parameters itself--for example, kick on high ping is done by BFSM
monitoring the current ping of players, and, when it sees someone
exceeding the set limit, it sends a kick command to the server.  If you
use BFSM to change the parameters in serversettings.con while the server
is running, the change has no effect.

Bottom line: if you want to change serversettings.con, stop the server
FIRST, and then start it up again after you've saved your changes.

  thiessen at cyberscapearena.com

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Same here.  When I put it into serversettings.con and run the server its
longer there.

Jon Wolberg
Tech Support Manager
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Me too. Additionally, if I put it into the serversettings.con, I seem to
have them 'mysteriously' disappear. Does the server somehow write back
that file on typing exit or such? - I have bfv running in a screen,
edit the con file, reattach, exit the server, and re-execute it. When I
look at the file, my changes are *gone* - Im stumped.


On 3/18/04 10:00 AM, "Jon Wolberg" <jon at ecgnetwork.com> wrote:

> The console spits out an unauthorized method error when I try to type
> into it?
> Jon Wolberg
> Tech Support Manager
> www.ECGNetwork.Com
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> Subject: Re: [bf1942] Killer Camera?
>> game.serverDeathCameraType 0 works fine on mine, goes in
> serversettings.con
>> David Snodgrass wrote:
>>> Anyone remember the proper config settings to NOT show the killer?
>>> All I can remember is the more recent game.serverDeathCameraType 0 -
>>> But bf:V seems to not like it.

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