[bf1942] bfv 1.0.6 det sjunde inseglet

David Harrison trogspam at games.telstra.com
Wed Mar 17 02:01:58 EST 2004

I installed this version and it segfaults with the same settings after a few
seconds. I checked my +overlayPath directory and noticed that the directory
it creates has changed - it was 'Settings', and is now 'settings'.

Did some more checking - tried a whole new overlayPath directory. The game
starts fine, but doesn't seem to read the settings. CTRL-C'ed the server and
restarted it again and it segfaults. Checked my maplist.con and noticed it

game.setCurrentLevel  GPM_CQ

Changed this to

game.setCurrentLevel  Hua GPM_CQ

... and it started fine. CTRL-C, restarted it and it segfaulted - checked
and it had deleted the 'Hua' from the line.

Anyone else having similar problems?

-- david

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> <sigh> this took *A LOT* longer than we (andy and i) had anticipated
> since the shovel/mortar thing was subtler than either of us had
> thought. anyway, this takes care of the major issues that we knew of.
> md5
> as usual, check the readme to see if i've been playing eliza w/
> rgards to your favorite bug
> \p

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