[bf1942] BFVCC & BFVC3 ?

Jon Wolberg jon at ecgnetwork.com
Tue Mar 16 18:01:43 EST 2004

I posted that buglist on Brandons forum, check out his response:

"Obviously you don't read too well and you glorify your character with your
snyde remarks.

I have had this dedicated server for a very short time, and I have had only
1 copy of BFV to join to it. All these bugs are due to the fact that this
dedicated server has not been throurougly tested. All of which you could
have read. I suppose I should have just gone to sleep at 9pm last night,
picked my ass today and released something next week? "

Please PLEASE come back Kevin!

Jon Wolberg
Tech Support Manager
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> David Harrison wrote:
> > Honestly, the fact that you have a server version out at all before the
> > release speaks volumes to me - its good to see EA/Dice finally
> > the importance of the stand-alone dedicated server. Now, all we need to
> > is convince the other bazillion game developers and publishers to do it.
> >
> Can't say how much I agree. Let's start the convincing with EA
> themselves - I am *still* waiting for the MOH:AA Breakthrough Linux
> server...
> --ck

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