[bf1942] Bug in server: map changes not possible

Peter Chang peter.chang at dicecanada.com
Tue Mar 16 17:31:06 EST 2004

> From: Christopher Kunz [mailto:chrislist at de-punkt.de]
> Subject: Re: [bf1942] Bug in server: map changes not possible
> Peter Chang wrote:
> > anyway, i've fixed this w/ the same caveat as in the readme 
> for addlevel. if
> > you don't specify a gpm or mod name it will implicitly use 
> the server
> > settings (this is how i think of the current situation, but 
> it wasn't
> > explicit before)
> So, is it supposed to work if my maplist is comprised of just the map 
> names without game modes and mod?

if i understand correctly, yes.

to paraphrase the readme, the map commands are meant to be backwards
compatible w/ the initial bfv release. this means that all of the following
should do something meaningful (if you have the maps around that is)

	game.addLevel lang_vei
	game.addLevel lang_vei gpm_coop
	game.addLevel lang_vei gpm_coop bfvietnam

the last one explicitly specifies the map name, game play mode, and mod. the
other two implicitly use the game play mode and mod that the game has when
you run the command. the maplist.con file will always be written out in the
fully qualified format

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