[bf1942] BFV Bandwidth Usage

Sid Chrome sidbo at xtra.co.nz
Tue Mar 16 16:28:53 EST 2004

I run a fairly busy 64 player vanilla server here.

I've currently got a dual Opteron test box that I'm running it on, 2 x 246
cpu's, 6G ram, and on a 100M pipe into our core backbone.

Some version of Redhat 64bit linux installed.

With a full server, cpu peaks at around the 45% mark, network peaks to about
4 to 4.5mbit/sec, and looking at the console the lowest the server fps seems
to drop is to about 20.

On a good fast client machine and network connection, this is as smooth as
silk. The best I've ever been able to get a full 64 player game running.

The key thing I've found for clients getting "server lag" is the server fps
setting while it's full. If it's staying at 15 or above constantly, then
clients will not notice any server lag. It's going to be their machine that
is not capable of supporting that number of players.

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It seems the game just cant handle 64 players.  The server isnt going above
60% usage and there is no choke on the bandwidth.  Everyone says they lag
when it starts to go 50+ though :(

Jon Wolberg
Tech Support Manager
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> Hey Guys-
> Thought you would all enjoy this.  Our 64 man server has started to fill
> ( been 50+ last hour ) and should be full the rest of the evening.  I
> together a little login so everyone can watch the BW usage.  It seems to
> roughly the same as BF1942, which is good.  I'm getting really strange CPU
> readings on our Windows machine, i'll give more on that later when I
> it out.
> http://guardian.defenderhosting.com/traffic/
> login:  bfv
> password:  bandwidthpig
> Please be considerate.
> Thanks.
> Jon Wolberg
> Tech Support Manager
> www.ECGNetwork.Com

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