High CPU load in BF:V linux server

Andrei Rjeousski andrv at myrealbox.com
Mon Mar 15 22:54:11 EST 2004

It is just me of BF:V server uses alot more cpu then BF1942 server?
I have a dual xeon 2.0 box with 1 gig of ram, and before bfv came out, i
used to run 2 bf1942 servers: 40 player DC and 32 player EOD server. The
servers worked perfectly evern then both of them were fully loaded.
With the release of bf:v i've removed EOD server and installed latest bfv
server. Today was not a good day... First of I tried running 30 people on
BFV server but people complained about the lag... so ive put it down to 24
but people were still complaining. So ive had to reduce number of spots on
DC server down to 24 as well. Now it seems to run alot smoother and no one
complains, however from console, i can see that the game usually starts with
around 30% util, but sometimes jumps to 100% and even 200%. Fps drop down to
20 and people start getting rubber skating effect.
Could anyone suggest me what can be done about the lag? It is NOT a network
lag, since we have a full 100mbit line to the server. I know BF1942 was
limiting server to 60fps, is there any reason why the same was removed for
Andrei (Y2BNE1)
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