[bf1942] bfv heretics OT

Steve steve at evenground.org
Mon Mar 15 16:01:02 EST 2004

The language he used or uses has nothing to do with his skills as a 
programmer, or what kind of person he is.  It is not the use of "cuss" 
words that worries me but the people who cast judgments on others based 
upon irrelevant things like how they look, or what words they use, or 
where there from.   Fuck is a very flexible word and, quite frankly very 
effective at conveying his point.


dpewing at micron.com wrote:

> Nice language.  I hope you're a better programmer that you are a 
> communicator.
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> sorry about the spam, but somehow i fucked up the apps only installer. 
> there's a new one up there that fixes a few more things that escape me 
> at the moment (that's what readme's and sleep are for)
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