[bf1942] Latest server doesnt run segv on startup

Peter Chang peter.chang at dicecanada.com
Mon Mar 15 10:41:09 EST 2004

> From: Steven Hartland [mailto:killing at multiplay.co.uk]
> Subject: [bf1942] Latest server doesnt run segv on startup
> Previous version didnt crash at all just didnt load from +overlayPath
> Also with a releative path in overlayPath it also crashes:
> ./bfv_linded +statusMonitor 1 +overlayPath mods/bfvietnam/2941
> crashes as does:
> ./bfv_linded +statusMonitor 1

i think that this is the apps installer fucking up the exe. overlay paths
relative to the installation directory work ok here

> where as:
> ./bfv_linded +statusMonitor 1 +overlayPath 
> /usr/local/games/bfv/mods/bfvietnam/2941

ok, i see why i never saw this problem. since my overlay path testing was
always in the form

	+overlayPath ../binky

the console code never tried to outsmart me (it didn't even occur to me that
it would). 

i see that there are changes in the 1.6 tree for this that i'll look at
(maybe it would be best not to have the console outsmart the other layers),
but is it possible to work around this w/ paths relative to teh installation

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