[bf1942] key-gen for bf v?

AIX Gaming webmaster at aixgaming.com
Sun Mar 14 21:02:42 EST 2004

That's what I'm saying.  They just released another patch that lets you
play on internet servers that _aren't_ cracked and most definitely not on
your same subnet.  Gamespy is reporting over 700 people playing on the
internet right now, and the game isn't even in stores yet.

> InCisT wrote:
>> no. Once the master servers start to filter for this it wont be allowed.
>> the keygens dont let you play for BF or r2r or SW, unless they play on
>> cracked servers. There are ahandfull (15-20) cracked servers out there
>> atm.
> There is nothing to crack. Switch off punkbuster, switch your server
> into LAN mode and you're good to go. Unless Steam, BF1942 (and probably
> also BF:Vietnam) doesn't restrict LAN connections to the same /24.
> --ck

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