One positive note in the midst of the arguments (Custom Games)...

Neal Clayton xayd at
Sat Mar 13 21:32:53 EST 2004

I'm not one to praise game companies very often, especially coming to BF 
from Quake/UT which were games that were much more polished competition 
wise at release than BF1942 was, but I've been reading up on what's 
possible with the "custom battles" settings in this initial release of 
BF Vietnam and am very impressed.

One of my biggest complaints about the original BF1942 in a competitive 
sense was how certain maps were bad for competitve play because of too 
many vehicles for smaller numbers of players, or different vehicles on 
each side that were imbalanced against each other, or the inability to 
remove/replace vehicles easily for specialized competitions like 5v5 
infantry only or 2v2 tanks only, etc.  With this functionality that's no 
longer a valid argument, you guys have given us more functionality even 
than even Quake and UT did, with the ability to modify weapons, classes, 
and vehicles for each specific map we play.

So please pass some praise up to those who made these design decisions 
with this server from the competitive crowd, you guys did a good job 
with the custom settings that are available in this game for server 
admins and league admins.

One question though, perhaps people who have tried running a server can 
answer this:

How are these settings maintained?  Per map config file?  One big config 
file?  Thrown into serversettings.con or some such with everything else?

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