[bf1942] BF Viet and BFSMD

Peter Chang peter.chang at dicecanada.com
Sat Mar 13 10:18:35 EST 2004

> From: Martin Steiger [mailto:martin at steigi.com]
> Subject: AW: [bf1942] BF Viet and BFSMD
> Sorry to say, but I somehow understand DICE decision, not to 
> go with BFSMD.

ok, colour me confused again (remember that i am a newbie and definitely not
speaking for dice). 

has there been some official announcement that dice will not support
something or is there just something missing from the current bfv dedicated
server that you're interpretting as a tacit announcement? 

a qucick recap of the current state of the source world. the bfv source
branched from bf1942 some time around bf1942 1.3. i had worked w/ one of the
current dice employees in the past and was brought on about two months ago
to do a linux port (this morphed into a dedicated server port since the old
win32 server w/ a dx console didn't hold a candle to the bf1942 server). i
spent the bulk of my porting time fixing random normal things that one finds
in single platform (win32) source bases, and only after this did i start
bringing over obvious things from the 1.6 tree (thanks to andreas and
joakim). in hindsight, i should have spent more time going through each
change list (i wouldn't have wasted a bunch of time independently tracking
down bugs in the remote console stuff), but i don't even play the damn game
so it wasn't obvious what i should be bringing over (for example, the
maplist format change is a useful but non-obvious change from just its
descriptions). i've pestered andreas (and the rest of the dice team) a lot
already, and they have other shit to do than hold my hand.

tell us (i'm going home on the 20th and need to do the death mainline merge
in the coming week) what is missing or broken (like the event logging stuff)
and at least someone will know about it rather than discovering after the
fact that some seemingly innocuous change in the bf1942 server is actually
something holding up acceptance of the product

finally, my public face probably hasn't been as supportive as you guys have
wanted, and i apologize for that. but i really have  trying to make the bfv
server what works for the community. my bugs and proclamations from dice are
not the same thng.

> One good thing is, BF:V 
> is creating a
> PID file, so stopping (or starting) the server with an 
> external application
> is a bit easier now... ;)

actually, it is even easier (especially if you're using the event logging
stuff) if you send the pid a SIGINT) it will attempt to cleanup the world
cleanly (as if you typed quit at the console). it currently doesn't handle
some of the traditional signals (SIGHUP for restart) but that's easy enough
to add.

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