[bf1942] bfv goes fourth

Peter Chang peter.chang at dicecanada.com
Sat Mar 13 07:20:29 EST 2004

From: Forrest Thiessen [mailto:thiessen at alum.mit.edu]
Subject: RE: [bf1942] bfv goes fourth
<bf:setting name="map">Landing_Zone_Albany</bf:setting>
However, in the logs I looked at, this one <bf:setting> value was missing
(all the other usual ones from BF1942 seemed to be there).
This is a low priority for fixing, I'm sure, but without it you can't tell
from the log file what map was being played, so I'd appreciate having it on
your fix list.
is this going to affect enough people that it should be in the 1.0 release? 
i'm sure that this is something that i dropped when merging because we don't
carry around (visibly at leat) some of the data that 1942 was. however, if
it is a small population of people who care then i'll just roll out apps at
the end of the weekend (in case something else goes wrong)
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