[bf1942] bfv goes fourth

Forrest Thiessen thiessen at alum.mit.edu
Sat Mar 13 01:07:52 EST 2004

Peter:  I've just run some XML logs from your latest BFV server through
my log parser. . . congratulations, this is looking very good!  I can
only do limited testing, of course, with just bots running around, but
so far the only problem I see is this: inside the <bf:server> structure
there's supposed to be a <bf:setting> widget that says what map is being
played, something like this:
<bf:setting name="map">Landing_Zone_Albany</bf:setting>
However, in the logs I looked at, this one <bf:setting> value was
missing (all the other usual ones from BF1942 seemed to be there).
(By the way, this is not to be confused with another <bf:setting> value
called "mapid", which is there, and is always set to "BFVietnam".  I
have no idea what "mapid" is for, but it certainly isn't the map name-in
BF1942 it always just seems to be the name of the mod, which is
redundant, since there is also a "modid" value that says the same
This is a low priority for fixing, I'm sure, but without it you can't
tell from the log file what map was being played, so I'd appreciate
having it on your fix list.
  thiessen at cyberscapearena.com
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first, thanks to andrew chen for giving me an easy distro to install
rather than try to rebuild and patch everything myself again.
mostly this one has the .static built w/o glibc2.3 symbols. there are
random other things, but you should check the lisez-moi to see if your
favorite has been dealt w/ (and no, contrary to the older readme's we
don't support the 1.6 maplist format yet).
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