bfv - the trifecta?

Peter Chang peter.chang at
Thu Mar 11 21:29:46 EST 2004

one (menaing i) can only hope that this one works a little better (except
for people w/o glibc2.3)it is at:

i just noticed that mikael nuked the default serversettings.con file from
the master archive, and i'm too tired to generate one and wait for the
installer to build again. so i hope it isnt too much trouble for people to
just copy over their old settings (maplist.con and serversettings.con are
the only two that i ever dick w/) for this go around

i also noticed that the status monitor doesn't update when the remote
console is attached. i guess this is a bug too

btw, do people want the windows front-end thingee w/ the linux server? all
it is good for is generating dummy .con files to edit

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